FULLY AUTOMATIC FLY-ASH BRICKS PLANT 8, 10 & 15 Bricks Automatic Hydraulic Tile Press, Four Block Tile Press Tiles ETC.


Provide various Services and products to the Customer as per there Demand and Quantity.

Accurate Testing

Installed its Plant in Various states of country, Including ” DELHI-NCR, GREATER NOIDA, MATHURA (U.P),ETC.

Fully Automatic Fly Ash Machine

At Vaishno Kripa Fly Ash Bricks Plant, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient fly ash brick making machine. That's why we have designed and manufactured a fully automatic machine that is capable of producing high-quality bricks without the need for manual intervention. With our machine, you can save time and labor costs while increasing your production capacity and quality.

Our fully automatic fly ash brick making machine is equipped with advanced technology that ensures consistent and accurate brick production. The machine is easy to operate, and its user-friendly interface allows for easy monitoring and control of the entire process. Additionally, our machine is built to last, with high-quality materials and components that guarantee long-lasting performance and low maintenance costs. Trust Vaishno Kripa Fly Ash Bricks Plant to provide you with the best fully automatic fly ash brick making machine in the market.